Why we call hexagonal wire mesh as chicken wire mesh?

As we all know hexagonal wire mesh is always called as chicken wire mesh.This because chicken wire  is used to make pens for chickens.

But this is not the only way they used in our daily life.Hexagonal wire mesh is also used as rabbit netting,plant protection due to different specification.

The wire mesh is a hexagonal structure, Size per roll: 1 m x 25 m.
Thickness of the wire: 0.9 mm, mesh size: 13 mm.
Galvanized chicken wire mesh is rust-proof and durable.
The chicken wire is flexible, trim as needed, easy to operate.
The wire netting can be used make to poultry and small animals enclosures, garden fences, protection of poultry, plants and crops.

Chicken wire or poultry netting, is a versatile fencing,used and available worldwide. It comes in many different forms from small holed rigid wire to

large holed flexible netting. It is used for containing either animals in an area or keeping animals from an area.

Welcome all of you to inquiry about chicken wire mesh.We can provide many specification if you want.

GH9 Animal protection fence hexagonal wire mesh chicken wire

Post time: May-06-2022