The use of chicken wire mesh fence

Do you know that chicken wire mesh can be made as wire mesh protectors around the roots of plant starts to keep gophers from damaging your vegetables and ornamental plant?

Using 1-inch mesh poultry wire caging material, form the wire around a container.

Cut the mesh to the desired length using wire cutters. Bend the ends to lock the mesh in place. Cut a separate bottom, and wire in place.

Now, you can either use the mesh to line a hole in the ground and plant directly into the mesh-lined hole, or you can line the interior of a pot, fill it with dirt, plant your seeds and, later, at transplanting time, lift the mesh out with plant intact and place the plant, dirt and wire mesh in the ground.

This is good way to protect the roof of our vegetables and plants.Do you want to try?

Post time: Oct-12-2022