What is hexagonal wire mesh

Hexagonal wire mesh is one of wire mesh with hexagonal hole.This kind of hexagonal wire mesh is woven by iron wire,low carbon steel wire or stainless steel wire.The surface treatment can be electric galvanized (also called cold galvanized),hot dipped galvanized and pvc coated.If you choose hot dipped galvanized,there are two styles:one is hot dipped galvanized before weaving,the other is hot dipped galvanized after weaving.
PVC protection will greatly increase the using life of the wire mesh.And through the choice of different color it can be integrated with surrounding nature environment.

Hexagonal wire mesh can divided into light hexagonal wire mesh and heavy hexagonal wire mesh.Light hexagonal wire net also known as the chicken cage,heavy hexagonal wire mesh also known as the stone cage net.
Therefore,galvanized hexagonal wire mesh using wire diameter of 0.3mm to 2.0mm;pvc coated plastic hexagonal net using of wire diameter for 0.8mm to2.6mm of pvc metal wire.Twisted into a hexagonal hole shape,the outer edge of the line can be made into a unilateral and bilateral.

It is commonly used in industrial,construction and agricultural.It is also widely used as fence.Like poultry cage,animal protection.If you want use hexagonal wire mesh as your christmas decoration ,it is good choice.Anyway,you can choose according to your requirements.

1.Easy to use
2.Strong ability to resist natural damage corrosion resistance and resistance to adverse weather effects.
3.Can withstand a wide range of deformation ,but still not collapse.
4.Excellent process foundation ensures the uniformity of coating thickness and stronger corrosion resistance.
5.Save on transportation costs.It can be shrunk into small rolls and wrapped in moisture-proof paper,take up little space.
6.Mesh hole beautiful and standard .Mesh opening can be customized according to customer’s requirements.
1.Fixed building wall,heat insulation
2.Residential protection,landscaping protection
3.Poultry protection
4.Protect and support seawalls,hillsides ,roads and bridges.

Post time: Nov-18-2020