Knowledge of welded wire mesh

Welded wire mesh is welded by iron wire,carbon steel wire.The mesh hole is square.Surface treatment can be electric galvanized,hot dipped galvanized and pvc coated.The best anti-rust is pvc coated welded wire net.According to the shape of welded wire mesh,it can be devided into welded wire mesh roll and welded wire mesh panel.

Welded wire mesh is widely used in industry, agriculture, breeding, construction, transportation, mining and other aspects.Such as machine enclosures, animal enclosures, flower and wood enclosures, window guards, passageways enclosures, poultry cages, egg baskets and food baskets in home and office, paper baskets and decorations

For example ,PVC coated welded wire mesh is mainly used in supermarket shelves, indoor and outdoor decoration, poultry farming, flowers and trees fences, outdoor used for villa, residential area fence isolation, with bright colors, beautiful generous, anti-corrosion, do not fade, the advantages of resistance to ultraviolet, optional color: dark green, grass blue, black, red, yellow and other colors.

The quality of electric welding mesh is mainly determined by the wire diameter, outer dimension and how firm the welding is.
1. Requirements for solder joints:
First of all, the welding spot should be firm, can not have virtual welding, leakage welding phenomenon.The welding point is not strong electric welding mesh, as scrap iron general.So what kind of welding spot, just qualified?For example, for two 3mm electric welding mesh, the total height of double wire superposition is 6mm. After welding, the superposition height of double wire welding point should be between 4-5mm.The welding spot is too shallow welding is not firm, the welding spot is too deep mesh supporting force weakened, easy to break.
2. Error control of wire diameter:
The standard wire diameter error is within ±0.05mm. When purchasing welded wire mesh, do not simply consider how low the price is, but depend on the weight of each piece. The weight calculation formula can be used to determine whether the error of wire diameter is within a reasonable range.
3. Reasonable error of screen size:
Now the production of mesh are large automatic machine welding, the error has been very small.Due to metal collision during welding, there will be thermal expansion and cold contraction, and reasonable deviation is sure to exist. Generally, the diagonal error is within plus or minus 5mm, and the dimensional error is within plus or minus 2mm.

Post time: Nov-18-2020