Exhibition is very important for our company

Exhibition is very important for our company.We attend exhibition almost every year.Here is one of exhibition that we joined.
We are on Batimat in 4~8,Nov,2019

BATIMAT, a biennial architecture exhibition in Paris, France, is organized by The Reed Exhibitions Group, which has successfully held 30 exhibitions since 1959.
At the same time, Interclima+ Elec, the International exhibition on Heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, New Energy and Household electricity, and Ideo Bain, the International exhibition on Plumbing and Sanitation in Paris, France, have brought together the entire architecture industry and created the world’s largest architectural event at the same time.
As a unique platform,Batimat showcases a wide range of material,equipment,tools technologies,solutions and services.All industry can meet the needs at Batimat.

The exhibition brings special opportunities for exhibitors to contact a large number of customers, find potential customers, display their expertise and highlight their innovative achievements
BATIMAT aims to meet the needs of the construction and construction industry in a tough economic environment with a new booth category. It aims to bring more visitors to exhibitors, whether large or small companies, start-ups or family businesses, and stimulate business development.This global event brings a new business opportunity to various industries in France and around the world, to cater to different operating and marketing strategies of different companies.

Strong attraction: Paris, France architecture exhibition BATIMAT also provides a new method of display: to VIP buyers and/or the audience as the goal, with minimal investment, the overall solution, attract more customers and/or potential customers to the audience, the display of economic and effective solutions to improve product visibility, overcome the economic crisis as well as the solution to stimulate economic growth, more trading opportunities.

In this exhibition,we met old friends and make new friend.We bring our high quality products to showed.And most of our products are welcomed in this exhibition .Hope to meet you in next exhibition.

Post time: Nov-18-2020